Blue vs. Yellow

Blue vs. Yellow

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Blue vs. Yellow by Tom Sullivan

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the clash of the colours.  Blue vs. Yellow. Which one will be declared the best colour of all? Will they join forces and be mightier together? Or… will another colour challenge them for the title? 

Let the battle begin!

This hardcover book will come with a guide which includes literacy and vocabulary concepts, reflection questions and six suggested activity ideas. 


Let your child creatively explore what happens when blue and yellow collide... 

Activity materials include:

  • Homemade blue and yellow playdough
  • Blue and yellow feathers
  • Blue and yellow pom poms
  • Blue and yellow paint (water based)
  • Canvas
  • Paint brush
  • Colour mixer venn diagram activity page
  • Blue and yellow crayons

NOTE: Activity not for children under 3 (book is recommended for every age!). Playdough contains gluten. 

Need extra activity materials for a sibling? We have a limited amount of extra activity materials that can be included in the same box for those households with more than one wild bean. Please email to inquire Additional charges will apply.