About Us

Our Vision

Children growing wild with imagination, feeding their instinct to play and feeling empowered to be masters of creation.



Wild Beans Play is a Calgary based company founded by two sisters with a long history of creative childhood entrepreneurial endeavours dating back to 1987. The lemonade stands, Barbie doll clothing made of tissues and homemade berry tie-dye never quite took off… but they never lost their entrepreneurial spirit. While these sisters are a little older, a little wiser and hopefully a little savvier, they are still young at heart. They know the value of unleashing creativity and how a childhood filled with stories, art, imagination and mess inspires a life of possibilities.

When they both became mothers, their creativity was quickly channeled into creating imaginative spaces and hands-on experiences for their own children. Their art, craft and book collections have grown exponentially and so has the mess! 

The idea for Wild Beans Play was born from the epic birthday parties Shira throws for her kids as well as Taryn’s children - always themed around a book and always perfect down to the very last detail.


The Co-Founders


Meet Shira, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. She is a passionate and seasoned elementary teacher who has always prioritized experiential learning and building a classroom environment that inspires her students. She is a children’s literature aficionado, a creative powerhouse and purveyor of beautiful artifacts. Her home could be confused with a children’s museum or arts and crafts day camp with endless items for play and sparkles permanently embedded in her carpets.  She brings her creative magic and experience in teaching children to each product at Wild Beans Play.

Meet Taryn, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. She is a passionate changemaker who has always prioritized helping others and protecting our planet. With a background in engineering, international development and sustainability she has creatively supported countless individuals to make the world a better place. She is a tree hugging do-gooder, a late night book addict and indomitable solution seeker. Her home is filled with art from around the globe, books in every room and racetracks for any kind of race her boys can imagine. She brings her commitment to sustainability and her skills in project management to making sure Wild Beans Play is a responsible and well run company.


Contact Us

We are based in Calgary, Alberta.

Reach us at info@wildbeansplay.ca