Lucy and the String

Lucy and the String

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Lucy and the String by Vanessa Roeder

When Lucy sees a string, she can’t resist giving it a yank. What does she find at the other end? A very big surprise.

This hardcover book will come with a guide which includes literacy and vocabulary concepts, reflection questions and six suggested activity ideas. 


Let your child design their own string art. This kit will help them stretch their imagination and grow their fine motor skills including building hand strength and finger control.

Activity materials include:

  • Hole punch
  • 2 felt hearts
  • 5 prepared activity sheets ready to decorate, cut, hole punch and weave 
  • Red string
  • Heart stickers
  • Black and red crayons
  • Red, white and black beads in a re-usable heart tin

NOTE: Scissors will be required for this activity and are not included. Parent supervision is suggested. Activity not appropriate for children under 3 (book is recommended for every age!).

Need extra activity materials for a sibling? We have a limited amount of extra activity materials that can be included in the same box for those households with more than one wild bean. Please email to inquire. Additional charges will apply.